My Eighth week of GSOD with OpenMRS

6th November marks the end of yet another week in GSOD. During this week I worked on completing the Visits and Patient sections, where I got the changes to these resources merged to the docs, and some are currently under review.

This week I picked up the a project meeting call with my project mentors and the documentation call as usual where we decided the outline for the next couple of weeks.

I am still facing some problems in patient-attribute resource since the requests are fetching me a 500-Internal server error status. I put it up in the backlog while continuing to work on other resources.

Work Done so Far

I have made this repository to track all the work done uptill now for RestAPI documentation and I will be updating this every week to include the work done in that week !!

Upcoming Week

Next week I will be delving into Provider and further move to the Location section !!

happy documenting :)



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