My third week of GSOD with OpenMRS

GSoD’s document development phase started from 14th September, and 2nd October marks the end of the 3rd week.

It was the most engrossing week uptill where I tried to document the Concept section by segmenting it into short sections.

There were glaring differences between the Swagger based documentation and the Static documentation. I asked a lot of questions on OpenMRS Talk and got precise answers for them (thanks to my mentors :P) during this week and took help of the data model here to document resources correctly.

Work Done so Far

I have made this repository to track all the work done uptill now for RestAPI documentation and I will be updating this every week to include the work done in that week !!

Upcoming Week

I will be trying to finish all the sections of the Concept resource and start off with a draft of Obs resource, After which we should be ready for another documentation Survey !!

happy documenting :)



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