Week 10 : GSoC with OpenMRS

Last week of the coding period of GSoC also fizzed by, This week mostly the time was spent of syncing things and making sure everything is in place, I got in call with my mentor Juliet and got to know the shortcomings in my documentation as she pointed out things that I could improve in very precise manner :D.

I made those amendments and published the documentation and made sure everything is in place. I also made a recent release in version 3.0.0 of OpenMRS Android Client.

And published the recent snapshot to jitpack as well with the last commit v1.0.0 for the openmrs-android-sdk.

Not everything went according to the plan in this years GSoC journey for me, I had to improvise and adapt according to the demands and luckily I always had my mentors to lean back onto :)

I have been contributing to OpenMRS Android Client for sometime now, I would be truly happy if the client gets deployed to a real world medical site and really helps people in healthcare !!

Next Week I will be finishing up the remaining task of making a video presentation for the project, making new Talk post with all the details for this project and also move the wiki page of the project to the completed section ✨.

Untill next time 🚀🚀



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